Young Faculty Participants

Dr. Gaurav Jain
Dr. Gaurav Jain, Assistant Professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Lally School of Management), examines how individuals make judgments, estimates and, decisions in the absence of complete information. Prior to earning his PhD from the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa, Gaurav earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Manipal University and MBA in Marketing from MDI Gurgaon. More specifically, his research spans the fields of numerical cognition and judgment, working memory capacity, and, cognitive limitations. Using psycho-physical methods, such as eye tracking and facial expression analysis, Gaurav makes novel predictions about how various cognitive biases influence consumer choices. When time permits, Gaurav loves to drive and travel to various places.
Mrs. Aasha Sharma
Mrs. Aasha Sharma is currently working as Assistant professor with Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nasik, which is a constituent unit of Symbiosis International University. Her teaching areas include Marketing, Consumer behavior and Business and social impact. Her research interests revolve around green consumerism, which is also her PhD topic. She has published cases, conceptual and research Papers in Emerald, EBSCO, SCOPUS and several peer reviewed Journals on consumerism, greening of MBA curriculum and sensitizing for sustainability. She is currently researching in areas related to sustainability and De consumption.
Dr. Ritu Srivastava
Dr. Ritu Srivastava is an Assistant Professor and the Area Chairperson, Marketing at Managament Development Institute, Gurgaon, popularly referred as MDI Gurgaon. The core of Dr. Srivastava's work centers around the industry with the firm belief that management education at all levels has to be absorbed by the industry. Her research ideas have been appreciated at national and international marketing conferences. Her paper titled, "Employee Actions that lead to Customer Satisfaction: services revisited in India, 2014", was adjudged the Best Paper at the International Marketing Conference at Fore School of Management, New Delhi and has been documented in the Academic Reference Series - Reinventing Marketing for Emerging Markets, Bloomsbury India, 2014. Her latest research work revolves around the Indian Consumer in a changed shopping context which has been adapted as a Text book on Retailing Management by Pearson, 2017. An avid case writer, she is presently working on the low income customers in India.